Star Child

They came from above.
We want to show you something.
Where you came from, who you are.

Transported to another place, another dimension, they took me.
I saw …
Those standing to my right, recognizable human beings; I knew them.
Those to my left, beings of another sort, but unclear, new and different.

What do you want to show me?

We want to show you that you are just like us, no different.
That you come from the Sky World, and are intertwined with Creation.

Well show me. Show me!

I closed these normal eyes, I looked inside, they opened my inner eyes,
And I stared into a transparent body: my feet, my belly and chest,
my raised hands, without boundary – belonging. Pure space and light.

In amazement I met their eyes; YES, I am just like you.



 Original is Oil on Canvas 40 X 30 inches


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