Grandmother, Child, Dancer

Grandmother Child DancerĀ  36 x 36, Oil on CanvasĀ  2013

The child is the fire, light, life.

The child is the most sacred bundle of all,
she is your connection to the Creator, to self,
to the Great Mystery, to all things.

Fire creates light, light creates life, life is sacred.

The wounded child holds all of the burdens,
the weight of all abuse (personal and communal).
These rest heavy in the child, the weight unbearable for many.
Many come to believe this heaviness is who we are,
BUT we are fire, light; we are life.

With anger, loneliness, depression, suicide, and death
comes the loss of the great source of light – it has been diminished.

Drunk, stoned, all the addictions (respectable or not)
creates a false fire, and we are able to express our emotions
in a courageous, but false way.

We no longer can be with ourselves,
many will not be able to experience the true self,
yet this false self is not your destiny, nor your karma.
This is simply your fire, your light dying.

All religions have been manipulated and altered
so that we are controlled, unable to find freedom and joy
or the flame that will warm our whole being.
When this fire is close to burning out,
I am face to face with emotional sickness, rage, with madness.

When the weight is lifted, I am free.



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