Ancient Wisdom

Turtle Beings and the Mother

The Grandmothers hold the highest place of respect, love, kindness, strictness, guidance and wisdom, exactly the same as our mother the earth. She gives birth to all gifts, all this abundance and natural joy. Why have we forgotten the generosity of the great mother, wandered away from Her Wisdom? A long time ago man fell very hard, and when he finally came to his feet, he was terribly wounded, silent, and simply didn’t know himself or his place in the circle of creation. In his unknowing, his forgetting, he has lashed out against fellow human beings, all the other beings of creation, and the Earth herself. We are begging to remember, we have the responsibility to reclaim and heal what has been lost and hurt – to look after the wounded child within. Wounded and separated from ourselves, we cannot possibly embrace the joy and unconditional acceptance of the Mother. We are invited to remember that we come from the mother, that we are related to her inextricably, that we must care for ourselves and Her.



Ancient Wisdom, 2005 (20 x 24) by Paul Shilling


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